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Advanced Root Canal Treatment

Why should I see the Dentist with Specialist Interest in Root Canal Treatment?

Every tooth is different – Some teeth have complex anatomy and molar teeth generally have more root canals than front teeth. A dentist with special interest in root canal treatments has the skill and training to treat difficult cases. Complex root anatomy involves:

  • RCurved roots / anatomy
  • RVery small canals that may be difficult to locate
  • RRe – root canal treatment
  • RPost Op root canal pain (pain after root canal treatment)
  • RFracture files in the root canals
  • RRoot perforations
  • RFailing root canal treatments
  • RApicectomy – A minor surgical procedure to remove the top of the root of a dead tooth and then seal the end with a bio-compatible filling material

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    It may appear to be an easy treatment process but can be extremely challenging.

    Where will this treatment be carried out?

    At Lion House Dental Practice, Buckingham by our specialist Dr Kristlee Fernandes (Kris). Kris has a special interest in endodontics (advanced training in root canal treatments). He is able to assess and advise the best possible treatment method which can help save your tooth/teeth. With over 14 years of clinical experience, Kris is able to provide root canal treatment is a calm and comfortable method.

    What will the treatment involve?

    Your treatment will be carried out under local anesthetic. The root canals will be identified and disinfected. The disinfection involves using specific root canal files and after cleaning will be filled with a sealant material. A crown is recommended following completion to protect the integrity/strength of the tooth. Usually root canal treatments can take one visit, however in some very difficult cases two appointments may be required.

    How much will advanced Root Canal treatment cost?

    Consultation – £50 At this appointment Kris will discuss the options to help treat your tooth

    Root Canal Treatment – From £750 (depending on complex nature of case)